The Sluice Box

2nd Hand Antique Store


 The "Original" Sluice Box


The Sluice Box is one of the most unique stores around. Located in Up-town Idaho City it contains many unusual antiques, gifts and a wide selection of other ‘hard to find’ collectibles.  

The store was originally opened around the 1970’s in the Down-town area, where it quickly became one of the most popular stores. The owners then moved the store into the Up-town area, into a late 1800’s building where it stayed until it was burned to the ground in November of 1996.

Larry, one of the owners, at the age of 67 and dealing with minor medical issues, immediately started restoring some of the original building as well as adding some additional space that was built with genuine barn wood. He collected the barn wood, signs and other mementos from all over Idaho, Nevada and California.

“Your visit will add a lasting memory of true old western architecture, along with a unique shopping experience!”


We are sad to announce that The Sluice Box has SOLD as of July 2014.

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Ruthie and Larry Carter have owned and operated The Sluice Box since it was created. Larry came up with the idea while living in Nampa Idaho with their two daughters. Shortly after, they packed up and moved to the mountains. They raised their girls in the small town and now have four grandchildren that are located in Idaho and in California.

Ruth’s family, originally from Missouri, is scattered all around Idaho and Arizona. Larry’s is unknown as he is an orphan. He was actually listed as a 'foundling' in a 1930's census from Baltimore City, Maryland. We are always looking for background on Larry though, so if you know of someone that lost a child back in 1928... Give us a call.

Ruthie is an expert on antiques and Larry is the master builder. As a young man, Larry became interested in tales of ghosts and supernatural stories. Although he never put much stock into what he had heard it sparked a curiosity that some say is the reason for the building.

Up until around 2005 and at the age of 76, Larry still found the time and strength to add to his master plan. He has built towering eves, curved stairways, false rooms and a wide array of windowed lookouts on top of his masterpiece.

If you ever asked Larry, he would always reply with a smile; that the tower on top of the store was built to invite any wondering souls... No matter if it is Mrs. Winchester (from the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA) or Bloody Mary (from the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City, NV) or just the average tourist riddled with curiosity and a camera. Either way- EVERYONE is welcome at The Sluice Box!

(And if you knew Larry like I did... you’d know that there is a big possibility that he might be visiting his favorite 'stomping grounds' from time to time, still to this day.)

Winchester Mystery House

Bucket of Blood Saloon

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